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Our Staff

Miller Consulting Services (MCS) staff is comprised of dedicated professionals with considerable experience in regulatory compliance, technical documentation, and project management.  Our professionals have experience throughout a variety of industries, including the following:

  • Energy/Oil and Gas
  • Information Technology
  • Public Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Government (Department of Defense, U.S. Military)
  • Construction
  • Healthcare

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Project Managers

Project Managers work closely with clients to define and establish project guidelines and expectations.  They coordinate workflow, deliverables, and milestones to meet project deadlines.  MCS Project Managers complete initial training according to standards set by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and The Society for Technical Communication (STC) and expand skills through ongoing training and education, participation in local PMI chapters, and mentor/mentee relationships with other Project Management professionals.

Compliance Consultants

Compliance Consultants have expertise in a wide variety of regulatory areas.  Compliance Consultants analyze current program documents and records to determine whether programs meet compliance requirements.  They evaluate client and third party vendors to ensure compliance, overall effectiveness, and adherence to industry best practices.  Compliance Consultants create audit support tools, conduct preparatory mock audits, and provide onsite support during internal, state, and federal audit proceedings.

Technical Writers

Technical Writers create, edit, and maintain all project documents.  They create original content through research and Subject Matter Expert interviews, organize content for clarity, and standardize documents for consistency.  Technical Writers edit documents for accuracy (punctuation, grammar, tense usage, etc.) and validate internal and external references.


Technical Illustrators

Technical Illustrators create and edit project graphics files, such as flow diagrams, organizational charts, and line drawings, as well as provide support for PDF documents, websites, and large data transfers.  Technical Illustrators use industry-standard software from Microsoft (Visio, PowerPoint, and Publisher) and Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat).

Technical Specialists

Technical Specialists perform very specific project tasks, such as programming and coding services, data analysis, and database administration.  They customize tools to streamline client processes and remove points of failure.  MCS Technical Specialists have experience with industry standard software such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle database, Visual Basic, and others.


Project Support

Project Support staff members perform administrative duties to support successful project completion. They maintain tracking databases, document meeting minutes and identified action items, and facilitate document transfer and storage in network folders or SharePoint sites.